Product Configurator

in one click

Cross-platform Product Configurator in one click

This tool enables you to add and/or change features of a core product, customize it, or build a fully tailored product for purchase.


Cross-platform development

Your customers get an interactive experience on all possible platforms

Usage industries

Cross-channel ecommerce

We develop robust eCommerce solutions with interactive interface and advanced analytics to accelerate your business growth

Real-time product customization

Allow customers to create and order a piece that meets their exact specifications

VR product configurator

VR product configurator is an innovative approach to the whole product configuration process because it leverages the power of devices such as the Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive

AR Product Configurator

AR Product Configurator uses technology empowered with surface detection to render a 3D model of a product in real-time and provide extensive customization opportunities

Marketing solutions for retail

We develop innovative augmented reality product configurators, interactive catalogs and manuals, VR experiences – everything for your business to be ahead of competitors

Make your ads truly memorable

Your ads should convey the excitement of the tech you’re promoting. Emphasize the high-quality photo-realism in your ads, and make them interactive when possible

Optimize your configurator for social media

This can make a noticeable difference in the success of your interactive 3D configurator. Enable the users to share their creations with the whole world on social media platforms – it is the most powerful kind of promotion

Virtual Realty

Allow users to fully immerse and interact with your product/services in a 3D fashion instead of just looking at a screen

Kitchen Visualizers & Configurators

Allow your customers to feel like real pros by creating their own designs online. With our configuration tool, manufacturers, designers, and builders can efficiently market their customers’ dream kitchens without having to do all the work.

Exterior Visualizers & Configurators

Our exterior visualizer and configure software tools assist users in the entire process from selection, configuration, specification and purchase, and can be integrated into pricing tools and carts for a complete package

Bathroom Visualizers & Configurators

A unique and customizable bathroom visualizer that lets your website visitors build their dream bath online. Once embedded on your website, this bathroom visualizer helps your prospective buyers envision their dream bath, which will help you faster convert site visitors into customers

Integrated as a Progressive Web Application

We developed an autonomous application integrated into a service page for premium usability and localization. In building a responsive web app and adapting it to screens and devices fluidly, we focus on 3D performance and service design. Features such as full-screen, environment, and drive mode are adapted for any viewport.

3D Modeling and engineering for web configuration

Implementing 3D in a configurator requires a strategy with three core pillars of usability for consumers as well as product owners: product performance, both visually and technically, product, and business logics in any market. Our aim is not only creating and refining geometries with custom materials and shaders but to align these on the given product and configuration logics - in parallel, anticipating the future market, technology, and business opportunities

Ultra-realistic product experience and environment

Enhance the product experience with an ultra-realistic product rendering, with all materials and hang-on parts of the product being refined compared to the real product


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