What is AR?

What is AR?

What became available to humans with the development of modern technologies was considered impossible 20 years ago. Not so long ago, mobile phones seemed to us fantastic, today it has become commonplace. Progress does not stand still, and now reality itself can be supplemented by virtual objects that can not only be seen but also influenced by them.

What is AR?

AR or the full name Augmented Reality means "augmented reality", the term first appeared in 1990. As the name suggests, “augmented reality” is a special technology that allows virtual objects to become part of the real environment. This could be:

  • display on different devices: screens, mobile phones, tablets, computers;

  • viewing virtual objects using special helmets and glasses;

  • rendering of elements in a real environment.

The main nuance of using AR is the imposition of virtual objects on reality or their combination. Many people think that augmented reality and virtual reality are the same things. However, this opinion is wrong.

What is the essence of technology? It's simple, with the help of a special device, graphic elements are overlaid on real ones. Now, instead of the usual picture, we can see objects that were created by a computer. AR can also be interactive, that is:

  • by touching, you can act on virtual objects (for example, if you touch an image of an animal on the screen of a mobile device, it will perform an action);

  • you can take a photo with them (it can be any interesting mask);

  • using virtual objects, you can navigate to sites, etc.

AR Applications

AR technology can be used in a variety of fields, from games for young children to medicine. If at first augmented reality was considered an unusual element of applications, today it is becoming an indispensable tool. In cinematography, real-life pictures are often combined with computer graphics.

Augmented reality is used not only for computer games, it has become an indispensable assistant for surgeons during operations. In education, it is used to create 3D projections of books.

In advertising, it is needed to create the so-called WOW effect. The technology is increasingly attracting the military, many devices are based on the application of this invention.

Advantages and disadvantages

The new technology has both advantages and disadvantages. Of course, everyday things become more convenient with AR. If you need to choose a hairstyle or dress, just open the application on your phone.

Augmented reality applications can only be used with special devices, which can be called a disadvantage of this technology. Also, with constant interaction with mixed reality, vision gets very tired. And on top of that, the AR price is quite high.

Thus, augmented reality is found in different areas of human life: entertainment, social, commercial. AR allows not the only augmentation of reality, but also facilitates learning.