AR Marketing Benefits

AR Marketing Benefits


Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows you to transfer unique virtual images to various objects in the real world. The widest use of mobile gadgets has led to the fact that today most users can have quick access to all kinds of AR-friendly devices. All you need is a modern smartphone with Internet access, a high-resolution screen and a viewfinder. This technology is considered one of the most promising inventions that marketers can use in their own activities. Next, we will try to highlight the main advantages of augmented reality for marketing.

How can AR technology help for marketing purposes?

Augmented reality is a fairly new trend in marketing and sales strategies. With the help of AR technologies, clients of companies (of various orientations) can get new impressions and a unique experience of familiarizing themselves with the products. This requires only a tablet or smartphone.
Mobile phones are the most important types of media devices today. Through them, consumers can interact with brands and make purchasing decisions. AR is considered a great method of driving sales and increasing brand value.
Our company offers the development of unique AR applications that will help bring your business to a completely different level. With these products, you will be able to stand out from the competition and become more successful.
Let's highlight the main possibilities of augmented reality technology for marketing purposes:
- testing the product before purchasing,
- receiving additional information about the product by consumers,
- branding visualization,
- new opportunities for printing,
- geolocation, navigation,
- gamification, interactive games,
- demonstration of large objects,
- shop windows, billboards, stands located in public places.

Product testing before purchasing

People always strive to try a product before buying, so as not to make the wrong choice. Today augmented reality technology allows you to try out a variety of household goods, clothing and makeup without physically touching them. So, now there are applications that help to select shades of lipstick and hair dye. AR technologies have found a place in the clothing industry as well. Customers can select the outfits that will look their best on them with one click on the appropriate menu (no need to try them on).


Information on packaging and labels

By hovering over a special label on a product, consumers will be able to see a 3D tour of the place of production. It will help you study the manufacturing technology, explore the area, or get information about the calorie content of a food product.


Purchase of goods

Here you can describe a Tesco store located in South Korea. The leaders decided to install a banner with images of the products being sold in the city metro. QR-tags were applied to each position, and people, while waiting for their train, can choose suitable products and immediately order them at home. Courier service delivers orders to the places indicated by the buyers.



AR technology and games

The world-famous LEGO company presented to the public a catalogue of goods with the possibility of viewing the proposed sets in three-dimensional format. There are even sound effects and animations.

Not so long ago, the company released a special series of sets that work with an AR application. The latter can complement the constructor with interesting interactive elements, quests and games. Thanks to this, the virtual and physical worlds are mixed. This allows for a unique experience.

Do you want to make your business more profitable? Then the help of our company will be useful to you. We can develop customized applications for you. The scope of your activity does not matter. AR technologies will attract new customers, help retain old customers, increase the overall engagement of consumers of services or goods, and make the brand more recognizable.